Hi, I'm Anu.

The new owner of Sadie's Sentz!

I met the previous owners and absolutely loved their products because they were all natural and hand made. Being so passionate about natural products myself, I admired their thought process of going back to basics in the products they created, to offer people safe and environmentally friendly options to use for their families, their pets and their homes.

Their natural chemical free soaps, candles, wax melts, lip balms, bath bombs and of course dog baths are fantastic! And since taking over the business I’ve added so many more products and continue to add new products as inspiration strikes.

I already owned a small business suppling local, pure, organic, foundationless honey and I thought the addition of these beautiful products would be the perfect combination.

Come and try Sadie's Scentz. You won't be disappointed.

Why 'Sadie's Scentz'? Who is Sadie?

Sadie was the previous owner’s dog, and as we all know, they don’t always smell the best. So Sadie’s Scentz was created to make beautiful scents for dogs and over time evolved her product line to include a wide variety of natural products, not just for dogs but for us humans too. I decided to keep the name in loving memory of her and all the love she has given to those she met along her journey.

In this modern world we must not forget our roots.
To know where we are going is to remember where we have been!

Any questions about our products? Get in touch!


1580 – 1592 Chambers Flat Road, Chambers Flat, QLD 4133

Our brand-new shop is open 6 days a week. Call us for an appointment. It smells amazing inside!

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