About Us

I have been a beauty therapist for quite a few years and have always been interested in how different products react with the skin, what ingredients are best and how I can improve appearance. I am also passionate about being as natural as possible. In this world of too many additives and chemicals what is it doing to us! We need to go back to basics not only in what we eat but what we use on ourselves!

Once I retired I found I hadn’t lost that passion and drive to source and use those natural products and so I decided to start up Sadie’s Scentz.
With my products I can guarantee that every item has been made with love and an eye to keeping them as natural as possible by using products such as goat’s milk, butter, soy, coconut oil, donkey milk, aloe vera, essential oils just to name a few!

Come and try Sadie’s Scentz. You won’t be disappointed.

Why Sadie's Scentz? Who is Sadie?

Sadie is my dog! We all know how fragrant a dog can be! My husband is always complaining about how she smells! So when I decided to start up my business I felt how appropriate to name all these beautifully scented products after a not so fragrant dog! And who knows, in the future, she may get her very own line!

In this modern world we must not forget our roots. To know where we are going is to remember where we have been!

Any questions about our products? Feel free to contact us!


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40/272 Fryar Road, Eagleby QLD 4207.

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