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We also have a lovely range of decor and pamper items in our shop that we absolutely love and are thrilled to share with you.

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What does buying from Sadie's Scentz mean?

It means you’re buying handmade, chemical free, environmentally friendly products that contain high quality, pure, essential oils and fragrances.

We’re located in Brisbane, so when you buy from us you’re supporting a small local business in your region, rather than a large overseas company.

You can relax knowing our products are safe, and have been made using the best quality products we can find, sourced from local and trustworthty sources.

Most of all, we care about our customers and want you to enjoy using our products as much as we’ve enjoyed creating them.

Come and try Sadie's Scentz. You won't be disappointed.

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1580 – 1592 Chambers Flat Road, Chambers Flat, QLD 4133

Our brand-new shop is open 6 days a week. Call us for an appointment. It smells amazing inside!

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