ESSENTIAL OILS AND SOME OF THEIR BENEFITS BASIL anti inflammatory, reduces stress and depression, fights free radicals BERGAMOT anti inflammatory, antiseptic, elevates mood, antispasmodic, alleviates pain BLACK PEPPER high in anti oxidants, anti inflammatory, treats skin problems CARDAMON fights asthma, calms and soothes the skin, anti oxidant, helps blood circulation CEDARWOOD antimicrobial, anti inflammatory, repels insects, promotes relaxation CINNAMON BARK anti bacterial, anti fungal, increases blood flow, relaxant CITRONELLA insect repellent, antifungal, uplifting CLARY SAGE calms & soothes the skin, reduces skin irritations CLOVE relieves itching, anti bacterial, toxic to cancer cells CYPRESS antibacterial, anti microbial, firms and tightens skin, heals acne EUCALYPTUS helps to clear chest, keeps bugs away, soothes cold sores FRANKINCENSE reduces anxiety, stimulates the immune system, diminishes signs of ageing GINGER helps improve circulation, can help with nausea and motion sickness, helps with arthritis GRAPEFRUIT uplifting, energising, great addition to home cleaners JUNIPER BERRY repairs and strengthens skin, full of antioxidants LAVENDER promotes feelings of calm, cleanses, soothes the skin supports ageing skin LEMON reduces appearance of blemishes, helps eliminate odours, energising, invigorating LEMONGRASS skin cleanser, air purifier, LIME invigorates & stimulates, helps with mental clarity, uplifting MYRRH anti inflammatory, anti bacterial, supports skin health NUTMEG supplies crystal clear skin & hair, elevates mood, calms & relaxes, anti inflammatory PATCHOULI treats skin conditions such as acne dermatitis, promotes relaxation PEPPERMINT antibacterial, stops itching, boosts blood circulation, helps reduce nausea PINE uplifting & invigorating, reduces inflammation, soothes itchiness ROSE GERANIUM anti inflammatory, antifungal, antiviral, analgesic, anti anxiety properties. ROSEMARY boosts alertness, intelligence, focus, rich in antioxidants, helps boost immune system SPEARMINT helps with digestion problems, helps with headaches, nausea and skin problems SWEET ORANGE uplifting, reduces stress, increases blood flow, aids in collagen production TANGERINE promotes happiness creativity cleans skin, uplifting TEA TREE reduces appearance of blemishes, anti microbial, antiseptic, eliminates musky odors VETIVER invigorating, relaxing, calming WHITE THYME anti bacterial, anti inflammatory, anti fungal, excellent cleaning properties YLANG YLANG promotes calmness, helps mosturise skin
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